Our vineyards are North-facing at an approximate altitude of 260m above sea-level.

The vineyards are planted to three clones of Pinot Noir, 115, 777, and 113, and row spacing is largely uniform at 2,4m. The vines are strung conventionally with exposure to wind and sun, rather than leaf count, being sought. Cover crop and natural, organic fertilisers are used to balance the vines' vigour. Irrigation is present but is only deployed to minimize vineyard stress during extreme heat.
As optimal ripeness and varietal correctness is the desire of both the viticulturist and the winemaker, a balance between the soil's yield potential and vigour is managed by ongoing canopy depletion following set.
During harvest, which is conducted either at night or during the coolest time of the day, triage is practiced in the vineyard, with the crop being transported to the cellar in its final pre-crush state, avoiding excessive exposure to oxygen and changes in temperature.